Committee on Welfare of Women, Children, Disabled and Old-Aged

The Committee is constituted under Rule 283 of Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Telangana Legislative Assembly.

Composition of the Committee

The Committee consists of eleven Members, eight members are nominated by the Speaker from amongst the members of the Assembly and three members are nominated by the Chairman, Legislative Council from amongst the members of the Legislative Council.

1. Smt. Ajmeera Rekha

2. Smt. Kova Laxmi
3. Smt. Bodiga Shobha
4. Sri  Anjaiah Yelganamoni
5. Smt. Konda Surekha
6. Sri  Chilumula Madan Reddy
7. Smt. Padmavathi Reddy Nalamada
8. Sri  Chintala Rama Chandra Reddy

9. Sri  Puranam Satish Kumar
10. Smt. Akula Lalitha
11. Dr. Madireddy Sreenivas Reddy

Functions of the Committee

TThe Committee examines the measure taken up by the State Government to secure due representation of women in services and posts under its control.

It reviews the progress in welfare programmes and other ameliorative measures taken up for the welfare of women, children, disabled and the old-aged.