Committee on Petitions

Petitions may be presented to the Legislative Assembly. They are generally intended to ventilate grievances and seek redressal. The rules 164 to 167 and 247 and 248 of Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Telangana Legislative Assembly are dealt with Committee on Petition.

Form of Petition

Petition must be addressed to the Assembly. They are couched in respectful and temperate language. They should not contain either offensive or defamatory expressions. The petition must be signed by the petitioner.

The Content of Petition

The content of the petition must relate to a definite matter of urgent Public importance. The petitions containing matters in respect of routine administration are not allowed for presentation to the House.

Mode of Presentation

Every petition addressed to the Assembly shall be presented by a member. He is responsible for its contents and its genuineness. A member who desires to present a Petition, shall show it to the Speaker and obtain his consent to present the same to the Assembly. After he has obtained the consent of the Speaker, he may present it on any day after questions and before the other business for the day is entered upon. The member presenting the petition shall confine himself to a statement, "I present a Petition signed …………………………………… (Petitioner's,) regarding ………………………………..". There is no debate on such statement.

Constitution of the Committee

The Speaker nominates a Committee on Petitions. It consists of Seven members of the Legislative Assembly including the Deputy Speaker who is the Chairman of the Committee.

Functions of the Committee

The Committee shall examine every petiton referred to it. The Committee examines the contents of the petition. It may take such evidence as it deems fit. The Committee prepares a report and presents it to the House. The Committee may suggest remedial measures either in concrete form applicable to the case under review or to prevent such case in future.

After presentation of the report to the House, a copy of it is sent to the Department concerned for taking action.

Minister Cannot be a Member:

A Minister should not be nominated a member of the Committee. If a member, after his nomination to the Committee, is appointed a Minister, he ceased to be a member of the Committee from the date of such appointment.