Committee on Government Assurances

The Committee on Government Assurances is constituted in accordance with Rule 254 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Telangana Legislative Council.

Composition of the Committee

The Committee consists of not more than Five Members including the Chairman of the Committee would be nominated by the Hon'ble Chairman, Telangana Legislative Council, for a term of one year and the committee continues to function until the next committee is constituted.


  1. Sri Kompally Yadava Reddy


  1. Sri Sunkari Raju
  2. Sri Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy
  3. Sri M.S. Prabhakar
  4. Sri D. Rajeswar Rao


Functions of the Committee (Rule 253)

The Committee scrutinizes the assurances, promises, undertakings etc., given by the Ministers and the Chief Minister, on the floor of the House from time to time during the question hour or during the discussions on bills, resolutions, motions etc. Such Assurances will be forwarded to the Concerned Departments of Secretariat for taking necessary action and furnishing Implementation Reports within the stipulated time of 60 days and the same would be are placed before the Committee for examination. Then the Committee goes into every aspect of the implementation report on each assurance and examines the officials of the concerned Departments, if necessary. The Committee decides each case on the basis of merit. If the Committee is satisfied with the way the Assurances are implemented and the reports furnished by the Departments and also on the basis of evidence adduced by the officials before the Committee, the Committee drops the assurances treating them as having been implemented. If the Committee is not satisfied it will decide to pursue the assurance till it is implemented to the satisfaction of the Committee by means of making an on the spot visit. On the basis of the findings and recommendations made by the Committee, a draft report is prepared and after approval of the report by the Committee, it is presented to the House.