Council Short Discussions

Short Discussions

Sl.No. Date Subject Download
1 08/10/2021 Palle Pragathi - Pattana Pragathi PDF
2 05/10/2021 Welfare of Minorities in the State and Developmental Activities in the Old City of Hyderabad PDF
3 04/10/2021 Haritha Haram in Telangana State PDF
4 01/10/2021 Progress of Industries and I.T. Sectors in Telangana State PDF
5 16/09/2020 Achievements of Power Sector in Telangana State, proposed New Electricity Amendment Bill by the Central Government and the Fire Mishap in the Srisailam Hydro Power Plant PDF
6 10/09/2020 COVID-19 - (Corona Virus) PDF
7 14/03/2020 COVID-19 (Impact of Corona Virus) in the State and Measures taken PDF
8 13/03/2020 Palle Pragathi Program PDF
9 28/03/2018 Rectification of Revenue Records, Issue of Pattadar Pass Books and Input Assistance of Rs.8,000/- per Acre to Farmers PDF
10 27/03/2018 Waiver of Loans & Assistance to Handloom Sector PDF
11 24/03/2018 Progress of Kaleshwaram works PDF
12 23/03/2018 Residential Schools PDF
13 22/03/2018 KCR Kit PDF
14 16/11/2017 Establishment of Residential Schools and Colleges in the State PDF
15 14/11/2017 Modernisation of Policing and Maintenance of Law & Order PDF
16 13/11/2017 Measures for strengthening Rural Economy, Distribution of Sheep, Fish and Development of Dairy PDF
17 09/11/2017 Minorities Welfare PDF
18 07/11/2017 KCR Kit PDF
19 06/11/2017 Power situation in the State PDF
20 01/11/2017 Loan Waiver, providing of Minimum Suport Price (MSP) to Agriculture produce and othe issues of farmers and initiatives taken by the Government for the welfare of farmers. PDF
21 31/10/2017 Eradication of Gudumba and Rehabilitation measures in the State PDF
22 30/10/2017 Haritha Haaram PDF
23 24/03/2017 Welfare of Weaker Sections PDF
24 17/01/2017 Schemes implemented for welfare and development of Minorities in the State PDF
25 06/01/2017 SC, ST Sub Plan and Economic support schemes implemented for their Welfare PDF
26 05/01/2017 Singareni Collieries Company Limited PDF
27 04/01/2017 Fee Reimbursement Scheme and Scholarships to students PDF
28 30/12/2016 Development of Fisheries in the State PDF
29 29/12/2016 National Highways in the State PDF
30 27/12/2016 Weaker Section Housing including Rajiv Swagruha, Rajiv Gruhakalpa and Double Bed room houses PDF
31 26/12/2016 Kalyana Lakshmi – Shaadi Mubarak Scheme PDF
32 23/12/2016 Haritha Haaram PDF
33 21/12/2016 Modernisation of Agriculture including Loan Waiver and payment of input subsidy PDF
34 20/12/2016 Mission Kakatiya PDF
35 19/12/2016 TS iPASS PDF
36 17/12/2016 Impact of Demonetization on State Economy and the Common People PDF
37 16/12/2016 Power situation in the State PDF
38 31/03/2016 Irrigation System in the State PDF
39 27/03/2016 Welafre of SC's, ST's, BC's and Minorities PDF
40 27/03/2016 Education System in the State PDF
41 21/03/2016 Drought situation in the state PDF
42 07/10/2015 Water Grid PDF
43 05/10/2015 Supply of Power PDF
44 29/09/2015 Failure of monsoon and measures taken for welfare of farmers PDF
45 19/03/2015 Remunerative Price and other problems of Farmers PDF